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I hired Scott after a devastating storm in 2011. We received extensive hail damage on our entire house and deck. Scott worked directly with our insurance adjuster. He had everything covered over and above what we would have gotten. I would recommend Scott to all my friends and family. He gets the job done professionally and in a timely manner. Vic Brown
Carter Lake, IA.
A Hammer 4 Hire replaced my roof after a severe hail storm. Scott worked right off the insurance adjusters estimate. His crew worked fast to finish the project and left our yard clean and free of any debris. Kent Gibbons
Omaha, NE.
Scott Bakhit was my general contractor for my house in, 2010. I filed a claim with my insurance company, and they denied me. Scott contacted the company and met with the insurance adjuster and had my entire roof covered. He is very experienced at what he does. My wife and I were very pleased. Our roof looks great and we have no more problems. Thanks Scott I will recommend you to everyone! Wesley
Hall of Omaha
I am a property owner of eleven homes in Cedar Bluff, NE. The summer of 2011 we had a severe hail storm hit our town. I contacted, A Hammer for hire, and worked directly with the owner Scott. He went out of his way to meet with my insurance adjuster on all of my houses. His crews were very efficient, and made sure they kept the job sites clean. I know that Scott did a lot of work for other home owners in town, but it never impacted the quality of his work. I will definitely hire him again when I need more work done. Darwin Peterson
I hired a company from out of town to fix my roof and they did it all wrong. Everything they did was against the city code and not complete. Scott, with A Hammer for Hire was referred to me. He replaced the roof the right way. He is very polite young a man. His crew did a great job even on the clean up. Scott did all the paper work for the insurance company, so I could receive my final payment. I didn’t have to worry about anything. I will refer everyone to Scott. He gets the job done right! Letitia Schafer
Omaha, NE.
Thank you, Scott for a job well done. Your crew was quick and efficient. I appreciated you dealing with my insurance adjuster, since I did not have the time. David Bennett
Waterloo, NE.
Scott Bakhit, with A Hammer for Hire, replaced my roof after a hail storm in 2010. My insurance company would not cover the damages. Scott met with the adjusters and had everything covered including part of the decking. He also had my gutters and downspouts replaced. I will recommend A Hammer for Hire to all my friends. Eugene and Nancy
Cedar Bluff, NE.
Roy and I had terrible damage to our roof, after a hail storm. Scott dealt with our insurance company to get everything covered. He worked right off the estimates they had and we didn’t have to worry about paying any extras. Thank you to, A Hammer for Hire, I will tell everyone. Kasey Nichols
We hired Scott in the summer of 2011, after a storm. He came out right away and met with our insurance adjuster. He made sure that our claim included ice and water shield. The adjuster did not have this in the estimate, and it is a city code requirement. This mistake would have cost us $1,300.00 out of pocket. Thank you Scott for saving us money. Corey Starr
Omaha, NE.
After a hail storm in 2011, I hired, A Hammer for Hire. Scott the owner of the company came out and met with the adjuster. He worked right off their estimate. I did not have to deal with anything. My entire roof was covered and completed in a timely manner. John Niemoth
Valley, NE.
I had storm damage to my home in 2008. Scott Bahkit, came to my house in 2010, and worked with the insurance company. I had my total roof replaced. I did not have to give him any money up front. At the completion of the job I paid my deductable and they paid Scott. I was very reassured in the end, with a job well done. Ryan Mc Coure
I needed work done on my roof after a storm. I contacted my insurance agent and he waited to file a claim. The agent called four different roofing companies for estimates. It wasn’t until Scott with, A Hammer for Hire, contacted me that the claim got filed. Within a month the job was complete and everything was covered. Darlene Bogstat
Omaha, NE.